Kathryn Posin Dance Company

Proud recipient of an NEA Arts Works grant, premiering three new works in the 2019/20 Season.


Upcoming Performances

The Kathryn Posin Dance Company is premiering new works at the 92nd Street Y in the Dig Dance Series
September 13 & 14 (Friday at 8PM, Saturday at 4PM and 8PM |
Tickets: $35 at the door; $25 in in advance | Reservations: 212.415.5500 or www.92y.org

About the Works

Photos by Nan Melville

Photos by Nan Melville

Evolution: The Letters of Charles Darwin

This spoken word ballet, narrated by Posin, is a whimsical romp through the life and letters of Charles Darwin. The text is drawn directly from correspondence to and from the imminent scientist, and tracks his voyages around the world on the HMS Beagle through events surrounding the publication of On the Origin of Species.

The seven-person ballet, lead by Momchil Mladenov, longtime Posin collaborator and former principle dancer with the Suzanne Farrell Ballet ballet, casts less-common light on Darwin’s life; on his loves, his losses, and Victorian society’s reaction to the formation of one of the most important scientific theories in human history. Through movement, words, projections and music this work intends to make more human--and more playful--one of history's most important, controversial and ever-relevant figures.

Triple Sextet & Memoir

Posin's edgy new Triple Sextet is set to Steve Reich's "Double Sextet." The Pulitzer Prize-winning composition has two sextets of winds, string and percussion playing against each other. For the ballet, Posin adds a third sextet of dancers to the polyrhythmic interlocking musical network.

Set to music by J.S. Bach, Memoir is a new solo for noted dancer and company co-founder Lance Westergard.




Individuals, living and dead, who contributed to current productions produced by Kathryn Posin.

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